What is patellar tendonitis?

Are you having pain in the front of your knee that gets worse with running, jumping, kicking, squatting, or going up and down stairs? You may be suffering from patellar tendonitis

What is patellar tendonitis?

Patellar tendonitis/tendonosis is an inflammatory response that causes pain in the tendon that connects your patella (knee cap) to your tibia (shin bone). The symptoms of patellar tendonitis are a pain in the front of the knee, swelling, and stiffness. This pain happens when there are too many forces going through the knee incorrectly during movement. It can happen to any population but is most common in athletes and people to perform repetitive work. This pain is most noticeable when going up and down stairs, jumping, or squatting.

What can you do to help it?

Here at Advanced Physical Therapy, we see this diagnosis on a regular basis and will come up with an individualized plan to help decrease pain and improve the tensile strength of the tendon so that you can perform all of your daily activities without pain.

What should you expect?

Your PT will evaluate your injury and start you on an exercise program consisting of hip and knee strengthening exercises and stretching along with ASTYM/Graston, Kinesio Taping, and Interferential Stimulation with ice to decrease pain, prevent this injury from reoccurring, and to get athletes back in the game faster.

If you are dealing with this pain, contact us today to start your journey to a more active, pain-free lifestyle!

Content provided by Dr. Amanda Noll, PT, DPT