PneuWeight™ Unweighting System

PneuWeight™ Unweighting System

The PneuWeight™ Unweighting System allows patients to perform therapeutic activities in an upright, functional position without altering gait patterns in a safe and secure environment for both client and practitioner. Unweighting adds a new dimension to providing SAFE care for our clients and staff. From acute, chronic back pain to cutting edge performance enhancement, unweighting is a key component in functional rehab.

The PneuWeight™ Unweighting System allows our patients to walk, run and perform balance activities with less compression through their joints. Patients with ankle, knee, hip or back pain, instability or balance impairments or with weight restrictions post-surgery will benefit from this system.

Key Benefits

  • Exercise without fear of falling
  • Buoyancy without water
  • Partial weight ‐ bearing
  • Improves balance and posture
  • Early gait analysis and correction
  • Early ambulation
  • 360° rotation


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