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Low Back Pain – Physical Therapy Can Help

Lower back pain is the most common diagnosis we see in our clinics. How can physical therapy help? Read more to find out!

Low back pain affects approximately two-thirds of Americans. Overuse, muscle strain, injury, poor lifting technique, or poor postural habits can cause lower back pain. It can lead to reduced physical activity limited to pain-causing muscle atrophy.

29 muscles help provide support for the spinal column and posture when walking, lifting objects, and transferring. These muscles begin to weaken, and pain increases when physical activity decreases. As pain increases, muscles tense up and mobility and flexibility can be affected.

Medication may assist with the pain, but physical therapy is an excellent alternate option for your back pain. Physical therapy can assist in reducing pain to eliminate the need for or decrease the amount of pain medication prescribed and help get you back to your prior level of function.

A physical therapist will educate you on proper lifting techniques, provide you with strengthening and stretching program directed towards your specific weak and tight muscles, perform soft tissue massage to reduce muscle spasticity, and modalities such as electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice and moist heat to reduce pain.

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Content provided by Bethany Balzer, PTA