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Collections Assistant

Collection assistants for Advanced Physical Therapy (APT) and Preferred Physical Therapy (PPT) are highly skilled in providing detailed insurance payment and account information for patients. The collection assistant will be responsible for the collections of outstanding monies from current and former patients of Advanced and Preferred Physical Therapy Clinics. Other aspects will include reducing accounts receivable delinquencies and resolving customer-billing problems in a professional manner while keeping and improving customer relations. The collection assistant will ensure all billing strategies align with overall company objectives.



  1. Payments
    1. Call & collect patient payments on past due amounts
    2. Analyze patient accounts to determine if it is delinquent
    3. Run credit card payments on Waystar
    4. Reconcile patient disputes pertaining to payments and outstanding balances
    5. Assist patients to determine a payment plan
  2. Documentation
    1. Follow HIPAA guidelines when discussing patient accounts
    2. Ensure patient information is accurate and up to date
    3. Document every account after speaking with the patient and/or any account activity
  3. Delinquent Accounts
    1. Past due letters
    2. Settlement offers
    3. Final demand notices
    4. Write offs
      1. small balances
      2. no call/no show fees when appropriate
  • Write off patient balances after they have been reported to the collection agency


ROLE #2:  Administrative (10%)


  1. Reports
    1. Email or print off weekly reports for manager
    2. Meet department goals and performance metrics
    3. Identify issues attributing to account delinquencies and discuss them with manager
    4. List of patients who have an outstanding balance
    5. List of patients who are late with payment or no payment made


  1. Communication
    1. Team meetings
    2. Weekly reporting to manager
    3. Monthly reporting to manager
    4. Maintain good relationship with the clinics and collection agency employees
    5. Meet defined department goals and performance metrics


Total of all roles = 100%



  • High School Diploma
  • Strong communication, problem solving, and analytical skills required
  • Creative, self-disciplined and capable of identifying and completing critical tasks independently and with a sense of urgency
  • Exceptional mathematics skills needed to make sound payment arrangements or calculate settlement estimates
  • Capable of prioritizing and managing multiple responsibilities
  • Ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment
  • Organized and thorough in all account records and data entry
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel


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