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Authorization and Verification Specialist

Authorization and verification specialists for Advanced Physical Therapy (APT) and Preferred Physical Therapy (PPT) are highly skilled in providing detailed insurance information for patients. They assist with researching insurance benefits and obtaining authorizations. The efforts of the authorization and verification specialist is to ensure all billing strategies align with overall company objectives.



  1. Insurance Policies
    1. Verify policy and coverage through online portal or by calling customer service
    2. Determine the patient financial responsibility for treatment
    3. Benefits
    4. Determine therapy cap
    5. Visit limit
    6. Verification letter explaining coverage and benefits
    7. Documentation
    8. Pre-Authorization if required
    9. Referral from physician
    10. Reports and Audits
    11. Upcoming evals that requiring authorization or precertification
    12. At risk appointments and corrections at queue
    13. Claims with issues for not having authorization
    14. Patients with issues report for gaps in authorization and expired authorization



  1. Tasks
    1. Task Care Coordinator staff to make necessary changes, scan documents or obtain additional information
    2. Answer tasks assign to you within a 24-hour time frame


Total of all roles = 100%



  • High School Diploma
  • Experience in medical billing and coding preferred
  • Ability to work independently
  • Aptitude and solid capability with Microsoft Office platform (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.)

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