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Hand Therapy

What is the Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy specializes on the rehabilitation for conditions in the upper extremity (shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand). Our hands are utilized as “tools” for a variety of different activities throughout the day.

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What’s the Deal With Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder Pain: Why It Happens

Shoulder pain has many different causes and presentations, but the most common area to have shoulder pain is anteriorly, or right in the front of the shoulder. Some of the different causes of anterior shoulder pain could be due to rotator cuff tendinitis, biceps or rotator cuff tendon impingement, biceps tendonitis, or a bicep tear, to name a few.

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Effects of Aging and How to Counteract Them

“Getting old is not fun.” I can’t tell you how many times patients have told me this as we are doing an exercise in therapy. Unfortunately, it’s true. It is inevitable that our bodies will deteriorate as we age. However, there are steps that we can take to counteract the effects that aging has on our muscles, bones, and joints.

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