Should I be concerned about my child toe walking?

Toe walking is a common developmental skill of children who are new or early walkers. If after two years of age a child is still toe walking, then contact your medical professional. Toe walking should not be present after three years of age. Most toe walkers find heel-toe gait pattern uncomfortable requiring more effort. Clinical experience has shown that idiopathic toe walking is linked to joint hypermobility and muscle tightness in IT band and hamstrings, also coordination difficulties.

Reasons for Toe walking:
• Idiopathic Toe Walking (can run in the family)
• Tight leg muscles (It band, Achilles, and Hamstrings)
• Weakness in the core and lower extremity
• Cerebral Palsy
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Autism
Complications from Toe Walking:
• Poor Coordination and balance
• Increased risk of falling from tripping and poor gait pattern
• Weakness in leg and core musculature
• Muscle Tightness in the lower leg
Treatment for Toe Walking:
• Physical Therapy: Stretching and Strengthening Programs
• Serial Casting
• AFO braces
• Surgery as last resort